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Each and every victim of Covid-19 is a world destroyed, a family ruined and for those who survive, a memory that will linger on for many years to come. But it should be possible to consider the macro impacts without being disrespectful to those who suffer the most.

The morning session of ORA’s April 2019 General Meeting now seems to be a very long time ago, from a time when the World was a different place. Those who were brave enough to last until lunchtime on that day, in April last year, would have had heard more than enough about the Solar System, the Sun, the Earth, and man-made global warming theories, by the time that their lunch arrived.

The theme for one of the topics covered during that morning session was that diseases and viruses are a much bigger threat to mankind than global warming. With climate change, history going back ‘000s of years shows that people just adapt to their new circumstances. However, history also shows that pandemics can happen so fast that no

one can react quick enough to effectively deal with them, and the full extent of any impacts may last for years if not decades.