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ORA – UK Trade Association To The Recycling Industry

ORA – UK Trade Association To The Recycling Industry

The UK Trade Association to the Waste Recycling Industry. The Original Recycling Association (ORA) promotes, protects and assists the interests of its members within the hazardous waste industry.

Members operate in the recovery / recycling of hazardous and difficult non-hazardous wastes. This includes wastes arising from the servicing of automotive engines and other mechanical equipment. In addition to this wastes arising from contaminated fuels, spillages, ships slops, tank bottoms, together with water contaminated with oil. Members may also operate in the collection and/or recovery / recycling of waste plastics.

As a result the recovery and recycling of a variety wastes such as oil, oil filters, catalysts, batteries, plastics and other difficult waste products are a major part of our Full Members’ interests.

The recycling of hazardous and difficult non-hazardous wastes to produce End of Waste products in line with the Circular Economy.

Our Associate Members are either similar to Full Members but operate outside of the UK or they provide consultancy, insurance, legal, vehicles and transportation / logistics services etc., to Full Members.

Since 1998 ORA the Original Recycling Association has served as the UK trade body connecting the users that produce hazardous and difficult none hazardous waste, legislators, regulators with the collection and processing companies that form most of its membership.

Our members are part of the hazardous waste industry working in a mix of complex Health, Safety and Environmental Regulations.

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